Lipsync/animations not working Onyx

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Lipsync/animations not working Onyx

Postby Deliswiss » Tue Jul 27, 2021 5:23 am

Hello I am new to this forum and recently discovered this new world of custom songs for rhythm games so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I play Rock Band 2 on Xbox and since I missed out on the export years ago I have converted some RB1/LRB/delisted DLC songs from the rock band rips folder using Onyx's rb2con creator tool but a couple of them failed at converting: ... sp=sharing
But what bothers me the most is that only a few songs had Lip sync animations and the rest had no animations at all. Some songs also had inconsistent character animation speed with the tempo of the song. How do I generate lip sync animations for those songs and change the animation speed the easiest/quickest way? I've discovered a Lipsync tool in Onyx but I cannot figure out how to use it at all. I've researched EVERYWHERE including YouTube but nobody has a tutorial on how to use it. I already searched this forum for this problem too but no one has asked yet. If someone here knows how to add lipsync animations to songs missing them or knows how to use those Onyx lipsyncing tools and would help out I would appreciate it so much and I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this.

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