Need a help

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Need a help

Postby MaxP » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:22 am

Hey there!

I'm playing FoFix for years now - every Christmas with my best friends ...
Since I got Windows 10 I can't use Starpower or the Whammybar anymore.

That means no more battles or high scores and a lot of fun is missing.
There some posts around here, but nothing could help.

Because there are not that many requests for help here I guess there are not that many users have this problem.
So, I hope someone can help me, because Christmas is coming, and we're looking forward to play FoFix as in good old times.

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Re: Need a help

Postby Maupy2 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:15 am

Maybe a bit of a boring suggestion, but FoFiX is a pretty old game by now. Perhaps errors with new OSes are to be expected.
I personally switched from FoFiX to Phase Shift:
All the songs you have in your FoFiX library can also be used in Phase Shift. It's a bit more demanding of your computer, but hopefully it'll work for you.

Some people also use Clone Hero, which I don't understand but you could try out too, I guess.
My song thread (mostly guitar)
Linkin Park discography
MY FIRST STORY song thread
A Day To Remember Hero REVIVAL

By the way, my name is Maurits. You can call me Maurits if you want.
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