Problem with hits sound

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Problem with hits sound

Postby Palczi14 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:31 pm

Hello, I downloaded latest version of Phase Shift and connected my drum kit (Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit) and almost everything is ok, but I have one problem. I don't hear the sounds of drums when I hit something. Phase Shift recognize my drum kit, it is possible to play songs but for example when i hit drums before the charts shows up, there is no sound. I saw films on youtube and other drumers can do it so here is my question, how to make my hits heard?
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Re: Problem with hits sound

Postby nobby76 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:23 pm

Are you trying to get the sound of your drums to come out of the computer (so if you record your playing in PS it will also record your drum sounds) Or do you just want to hear your drums while playing along to PS songs.

Start with the second option first, its the easiest.. Just have your audio out from the kit go to some speakers and the usb cable going to the pc. Just like you would normally play the kit, but also connected via usb.

Making the sounds come out of your pc. This greatly depends on what kind of setup you have.. The easiest way is to connect the usb cable to the pc and connect the audio out on the kit and run that to the mic in/line in, on your pc.. Then going to your audio devices and making sure the mic in/line in is the default recording device.
Although you might experience a very slight delay between you hitting a drum and you hearing the sound (the hit will register right away so you will have hit the note in PS, but it takes a split second to output the mic)
Actually just checking the back of a nitro brain, i can see that is pretty much your only option, as it only has an audio out L/R and a headphone socket.. Also what ever recording software you are using (id recommend either Shadowplay or OBS) Tell it to record the PC sound and the mic as separate channels. That way if there is any delay in the drum audio, you can simply load it into a video editor and shuffle your drum sounds forward or backward until they are in sync.

For me its a little more complex. I have the Alesis strike pro. That has 8 separate outputs, which i then have to run into an 8 channel mixer, and then to my pc, where i record everything in adobe audition as separate channels, so i can tweak the volume and sync of every single track...
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