Where's all us old members at?

Everything else in here
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Re: Where's all us old members at?

Postby nobby76 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:41 pm

Im still alive, kind of..

Probably one of the longest standing members of this forum, i joined back in 2006 even before NWRU (our leader) became a member.. :ohmy:
I have a regular job as a mechanical assembler making heat exchangers for helicopters, boats, trains, tanks and heavy earth moving equipment (usually for things like the transmission)
I also do freelance CGI.. I worked with an aussie guy a while back making content for "Race track builder" an app that makes it easy to create race tracks for various racing sims.
I upgraded my drum kit a few years ago from the Alesis dm5 to the Alesis strike pro, its a sweet piece of equipment :thumbup: So obviously im still doing my drumming. I have several videos up on youtube If anyone wants to check them out

Still into rhythm games, but only in VR (i have an oculus rift) i play both Beat Saber and Audica (Harmonix's new VR gun rhythm game) sounds crap, shooting targets in time to music,
but its actually done really clever and keeps you on your toes.. The jump between each difficulty is quite big, so you have to build up to playing a song on expert, rather than just going right to expert difficulty..

Still have my big bear faced Akita doggo "Cujo" although he is getting old now :sad:

I'm on ok money, i have ok hobbies and my health is.. ok.
Life is ok..
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Re: Where's all us old members at?

Postby karanprakash » Sat Jan 25, 2020 5:12 am

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