The Soundtrack to Your Life

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby porknchili » Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:54 am

Time to try this again with newer music.........

Opening Credits/Birth: Welcome to The Family - Avenged Sevenfold (The name works perfectly)
First Day Of School: Heart of The Serpent - Kiuas (pretty bad)
Meet Your Best Friend: King of Terrors - Symphony X (>_>)
Falling In Love: Black Sheep - Sonata Arctica (PERFECT)
Fight Over Your Girl: Just a Little Bit - Spastic Ink (The name adds lulz value)
Lovely Relationship: Another Day - Dream Theater (the name is the opposite of what this is)
Breaking Up: What Could Have Been... And What is Not.... - Hess (100% PERFECT)
Prom: Point to Point - Animals as Leaders (???????????????????)
Graduation: A Nightmare to Remember - Dream Theater (AHAHAHAHAHA)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Dominate - Adagio (Great name)
Get a High Paying Job: Sea of Fate - Rhapsody of Fire (ok)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Nothing to Save - SunLess Rise (Works Perfect)
Go Broke: To Die For - Concerto Moon (Bad)
Mental Breakdown: The Darkitecht - Adagio (Bad)
Cross Country Drive: Running Alone - Angra (PERFECT)
Flashback: Disciples of Babylon - Dragonforce (Works great)
Return Home: Laser Lobotomy - Blotted Science (Makes no sense)
Getting Back Together: Of Love, Lust, and Human Nature - Kiuas (Pretty Good)
Birth Of A Child: Anticosmic Overload - Obscura (??????)
Wedding: Lines in the Sand - Dream Theater (Alright)
Live Happily: Waves - Guthrie Govan (100% PERFECT)
Final Battle: War - Meshuggah (XD Works well)
Death Scene: Through Different Eyes - Fates Warning (Pretty good fit)
Funeral: Heroes of Sand - Angra (PERFECT)
End Credits: Over the Sky - Theodore Ziras (Very good fit)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby doomtron » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:01 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden
First Day Of School: Rat Salad - Black Sabbath (heh heh)
Meet Your Best Friend: The Shortest Straw - Metallica
Falling In Love: Mechanix - Megadeth (HAHAHAHA)
Fight Over Your Girl: Tiny Town - The Dead Milkmen
Lovely Relationship: The Big Come Down - Nine Inch Nails (O_o)
Breaking Up: Lacquer Head - Primus
Prom: B*tchin' Camaro - The Dead Milkmen
Graduation: Kinda I Want To - Nine Inch Nails
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Then She Did - Jane's Addiction
Get a High Paying Job: In The Kingdom #19 - Sonic Youth (scary job O_o)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: She's Crafty - The Beastie Boys
Go Broke: Charlotte the Harlot - Iron Maiden
Mental Breakdown: Milano Mosh - Stormtroopers of Death
Cross Country Drive: No. 13 Baby - The Pixies
Flashback: Snail - Smashing Pumpkins
Return Home: Mote - Sonic Youth
Getting Back Together: Revelations - Iron Maiden
Birth Of A Child: The Black Rainbow - Coheed and Cambria
Wedding: James Dean - That Handsome Devil
Live Happily: Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath (O_o)
Final Battle: Five Magics - Megadeth (epic)
Death Scene: Brand New Cadillac - The Clash
Funeral: Take No Prisoners - Megadeth
End Credits: I Want More - Suicidal Tendencies (heh heh)

EDIT: I got nothing better to do
Opening Credits/Birth: Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry
First Day Of School: Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath (that's not good...)
Meet Your Best Friend: Fell on Black Days - Soundgarden (O_o)
Falling In Love: New World Man - Rush
Fight Over Your Girl: Lee #2 - Sonic Youth
Lovely Relationship: Star Power - Sonic Youth
Breaking Up: Rise Above - Black Flag
Prom: Over the Falls - Primus
Graduation: Blackened - Metallica (O_o)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Ocean Size - Jane's Addiction (:D)
Get a High Paying Job: The Great Satan (Remix) - Ministry (I guess I'm a terrorist?)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama - Frank Zappa (O_o)
Go Broke: Play the Game - Queen
Mental Breakdown: (We Are) The Roadcrew - Motorhead
Cross Country Drive: The Line Begins to Blur - Nine Inch Nails
Flashback: Apollo I: The Writing Writer - Coheed and Cambria
Return Home: Koka Kola - The Clash
Getting Back Together: A Passage to Bangkok - Rush
Birth Of A Child: A Grand Declaration of War - Mayhem (O_o)
Wedding: Pig's in Zen - Jane's Addiction
Live Happily: Reptile - Nine Inch Nails
Final Battle: Tristessa - Smashing Pumpkins
Death Scene: Paul Revere - The Beastie Boys
Funeral: Four Horsemen - The Clash (fits?)
End Credits: The Lying Lies and Dirty Secrets of Miss Erica Court - Coheed and Cambria
ehh... first one seemed better.

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby guitarfreak93 » Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:27 pm

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby maddog743 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:11 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Car Chase City - Tenacious D (UUUUUHhhhm)

First day of School: Informer - Snow (Maybe)

Meet your best friend:
The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll - Huey Lewis and the News

Falling in Love: We Built this City - Starship

Flight over your girl: Bum Bum (Monika) - EAV

Lovely Relationship: In da Club - 50cent (OK???????)

Breaking Up: He came for you - Outi & Lee (a song about Jesus?????)

Prom: Can the Can - Suzi Quatro

Papagenu - Tenacious D

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll - Huey Lewis and the News (AGAIN!!!!!????)

Get a High Paying Job: Explosivo - Tenacious D (This could Work)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Beezleboss (The Final Showdown) - Tenaciouss D (Perfect)

Go Broke: Rebell Yell - Billy Idol

Mental Breakdown: Born to be alive - Patrick Hermandez

Cross Country Drive: F*** her gently - Tenacioud D

Flashback: Me Julie - Shaggy & Ali G

Return Home: History - Tenacious D (MAybe)

Getting Back Together: Beezleboss (The Final Showdown) - Tenacious D (WTF)

Birth Of A Child: Y.M.C.A - Village People (Maybe)

Kielbasa - Teenacious D (Perfect)

Live Happily: Final Countdown - Europe

Final Battle: Chaos is my Life - The Exploited (Perfect)

Death Scene: My Mother - Outi & Lee

Funeral: Paradise City - Guns 'n' Roses (UUUUUUhhhhhm)

End Credits: Kids With Guns - Gorrilaz


But this Soundtrack is kinda cool
Beezleboss by Getting back together :blink: PERFECT :blink:
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby eklxtreme » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:08 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: The Who - Who Are You

First day of School: Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

Meet your best friend: The Cars - Just What I Needed

Falling in Love: Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag (perfect)

Fight over your girl: The Cars - Best Friend's Girl (perfect)

Lovely Relationship: Eddie Vedder - Longing to Belong (pretty good)

Breaking Up: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze

Prom: Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Graduation: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Zephyr Song

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Get a High Paying Job: AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Muse - Uprising

Go Broke: Alice in Chains - No Excuses

Mental Breakdown: Strokes - Last Nite (perfect)

Cross Country Drive: Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

Flashback: The Cars - Good Times Roll

Return Home: Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

Getting Back Together: Cake - Long Time

Birth Of A Child: Nine Inch Nails - Closer (LOL)

Wedding: Billy Idol - White Wedding

Live Happily: Weezer - Island in the Sun

Final Battle: Portugal the Man - People Say (pretty good)

Death Scene: Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

Funeral: Radiohead - Creep

End Credits: The Beatles - Hello Goodbye
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby danieli99 » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:33 am

This is my list:

Opening Credits/Birth: Accident of Birth - Bruce Dickinson

First Day of School: Dyslexia - Alice Cooper

Meet Your Best Friend: Hello, Hooray - Alice Cooper

Falling In Love: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows

Fight Over Your Girl: The Hitman - Queen

Lovely Relationship: Sunshine of Your Love - Cream

Breaking Up: Enough's Enough - Alice Cooper

Prom: Same Old Song and Dance - Aerosmith

Graduation: I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: It's a Hard Life - Queen

Get a High Paying Job: Just a Job to Do - Genesis

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Nothing for Me Here- Dope

Go Broke: Broken Man - Status Quo

Mental Breakdown: I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen

Cross Country Drive: My Poor Brain - Foo Fighters

Flashback: Land of Confusion - Genesis

Return Home: He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) - Alice Cooper

Getting Back Together: Don't Tell the Kids - Dio

Birth of a Child: Children of the Damned - Iron Maiden

Wedding: New York Minute - Don Henley

Live Happily: Faith - The Cure

Final Battle: Life, Birth, Blood, Doom - Black Label Society

Death Scene: A Tyranny of Souls - Bruce Dickinson

Funeral: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

End Credits: Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby MopHead » Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:29 am

Ayreon - The Human Equation

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Strife1324 » Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:55 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Credits Song (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) - Noriyuki Iwadare

First Day Of School: Tales of Souls - Soul Calibur III

Meet Your Best Friend: Muscle Fighter - Daita

Falling In Love: Electronic Boy - Daita

Fight Over Your Girl: Elephant Love Medley - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

Lovely Relationship: The Little Things Give You Away - Linkin Park

Breaking Up: Hate This and I'll Love You - MUSE

Prom: Exegenesis Symphony, Pt. 2: Cross-Pollination - MUSE

Graduation: Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Pirate Jet - Gorillaz (First Weird One...)

Get a High Paying Job: Because We Can - Fatboy Slim

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Cave - MUSE

Go Broke: Groove Rider - Daita (Another not so much...)

Mental Breakdown: Earth Rider - Binecks

Cross Country Drive: Eon - Daita

Flashback: Hysteria - MUSE

Return Home: X-Ecutioner Style - Black Thought (Yet another that doesn't fit...)

Getting Back Together: Falling Down - MUSE

Birth Of A Child: Papercut - Linkin Park

Wedding: Battle for the Crown - Soul Calibur III (Actually fits!)

Live Happily: Ascension/Nature Boy - Ewan McGregor (And now I'm sad...)

Final Battle: Burg (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) - Noriyuki Iwadare (So much for Epic...)

Death Scene: Space Dementia - MUSE (Great... I die with sadness...)

Funeral: Courage Ablaze - Soul Calibur III (YAY! My friends will avenge me!)

End Credits: Left Hand Suzuki Method - Gorillaz

Okay, there were some pretty weird ones in there... But overall, Pretty Good soundtrack!
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby nick2themenza » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:21 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Veil of Maya - Cynic

First Day Of School: Go to Hell - Megadeth

Meet Your Best Friend: F**ked With a Knife - Cannibal Corpse

Falling In Love: Psycho Holiday - Pantera

Fight Over Your Girl: Of All These Yesterdays - Trivium

Lovely Relationship: Shogun - Trivium

Breaking Up: Cosmetic Abomination - A Breath Before Surfacing

Prom: One Soldier Battle - Blind Witness.

Graduation: Nonsanity 2037k - Gruvis Malt

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Feel The Power of Rock and Roll - Wesley Willis

Get a High Paying Job: Chicago Typewriter - The Irish Front

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: The Drapery Falls - Opeth

Go Broke: I'm Running my Inkpen - Wesley Willis

Mental Breakdown: The Preacher - Testament

Cross Country Drive: Stan - Eminem

Flashback: Hail Mary - Testament

Return Home: Supremist -Slayer

Getting Back Together: Blowtorch Slaughter - Cannibal Corpse

Birth Of A Child: Sentiment - Cynic

Wedding: Among The Living - Anthrax

Live Happily: Distance and Meaning - Converge

Final Battle: Murderers of the Murderers - Heaven Shall Burn

Death Scene: Killing Fields - Slayer

Funeral: Preacher's Daughter - 3 Inches of Blood

End Credits: Jetpacks Was Yes - Periphery

For the most part it's a pretty decent soundtrack. Some fit way too well haha.
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby blatz89 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:49 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Sleeping With Sirens - The Bomb Dot Com v2.0 (I guess that's a good intro *shrugs*)

First Day Of School: Bikini Kill - Anti-Pleasure Dissertation (Hehe, that worked out kind of hilariously)

Meet Your Best Friend: AFI -Hearts Frozen Solid, Thawed Once More By The Spring Of Rage, Despair And Hoplessness (Nothing to be said. AFI for everything)

Falling In Love: The Fall Of Troy - Nobody's Perfect (Hm. this one worked out pretty well)

Fight Over Your Girl: At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor

Lovely Relationship: A Smile From The Trenches - Dani (I swear this was mere coincidence 0.0)

Breaking Up: blessthefall - Wait For Tomarrow (The Far Superior Black Rose Dying EP Version, I May Add :D)

Prom: I Hate Myself - To A Husband At War (It sounds somewhat depressing, I guess the first few lines would fit.)

Graduation: Social Distortion - Ball And Chain (This could fit, if you think about it)

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: I Have Dreams - I Don't Imagine You And I Anymore

Get a High Paying Job: Fecal Matter - Buffy's Pregnant (Class Of '86)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Thrown To Belial - Finisher (Formerly known as We Sail At Dawn ^.^)

Go Broke: The Spirit Of Versailles - There Goes Rhymin' Simon

Mental Breakdown: Versus The Mirror - A Softened Suicide

Cross Country Drive: Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia (I prefer their 90's EPs and such, but American Idiot is a pretty good album too)

Flashback: The Smashing Pumpkins - Bring The Light

Return Home: Abandon All Ships! - Megawhacko

Getting Back Together: Sleeping With Sirens - If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn (I don't have THAT much SWS!! ....curse you Kellan Quinn....)

Birth Of A Child: The 30 Year's War - Chain Wallet, N**e Shoes (Um... It censored the shoe brand....)

Wedding: Senses Fail - The Ground Folds [Accoustic]

Live Happily: Formula 1 - Lucky (It FITS! :DD)

Final Battle: Kite Flying Society - The Art Of Conversation

Death Scene: Dear Whoever - Tears Of Ashes

Funeral: The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P (Now, I actually do have a lot of TFOT :D)

End Credits: Senses Fail - Free Fall Without A Parachute (And A Lot Of Senses Fail)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Stefan_Alfons » Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:03 pm

MopHead wrote:Ayreon - The Human Equation



But, I'm bored, so I'm gonna do this with my weirdly wide-spread music collection.

Opening Credits/Birth: Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Could work actually. Life's a war anyway)

First Day Of School: Steely Dan - Bodhissatva (I don't get this song)

Meet Your Best Friend: Iron Maiden - The Unbeliever (A best friend whom I may have to teach a thing or two? Not bad)

Falling In Love: Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful (Perfect Fit. Also, don't ask.)

Fight Over Your Girl: Iced Earth - Dracula (LOL)

Lovely Relationship: Blind Guardian - Beyond the Realms of Death (Sounds perfectly lovely to me :P)

Breaking Up: Iron Maiden - Judgement Day. (Perfect Fit)

Prom: Iced Earth - Minions of the Watch

Graduation: Slayer - Expendable Youth (Nice fit somehow)

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Metallica - The Prince (Nah. Would've fit better at the next one)

Get a High Paying Job: The Offspring - Stuff is messed up (LOL)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Stratovarious . Will the Sun Rise? (Kind of nice, as a thought for right after quitting the job and regretting it)

Go Broke: Black Tide - Enterprise

Mental Breakdown: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Maybe. But not really)

Cross Country Drive: Thaurorod - Into the Realms of Hidden Me (More or Less)

Flashback: Symphony X - Accolade II (Nice one. Awesome song.)

Return Home: Two Steps From Hell - Missed You (Perfect)

Getting Back Together: Queen - We Will Rock You (Meh)

Birth Of A Child: Nevermore - Narcosynthesis (wat)

Wedding: Exhorder - Homicide (LOL. Very Pessimistic if it fits. VERY VERY pessimistic.)

Live Happily: Iron Maiden - My Generation (Nice one)

Final Battle: Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow (Maybe)

Death Scene: Symphony X - In the Dragon's Den (Perfect Death. Fighting against a Dragon. Dying like a hero.)

Funeral: Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst into Fire (Not bad)

End Credits: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (ROFL. F*** you, Faith, for laughing at me like that)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby wasprocks » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:58 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Flight Of Icarus - Iron Maiden

First Day Of School: Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow

Meet Your Best Friend: Hot And Bothered - Cinderella

Falling In Love: Be My Lover - Alice Cooper (What are the chances to get this song to this question?)

: That Girl - Iron Maiden

Lovely Relationship: It's A New Day - Paul Miles (I didn't even knew that he is in my playlist)

: Twisting By The Pool - Dire Straits

Prom: Out Of The Silent Planet - Iron Maiden

Graduation: Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Kentucky Woman - Deep Purple

Get a High Paying Job: AC/DC - Jailbreak (???)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: I Wanna Be Somebody - W.A.S.P.

: Deja Vu - Iron Maiden (i feel i have been there before)

: Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne

Cross Country Drive: One Man Woman - Twisted Sister

Flashback: I Pledge Alliance To The State Of Rock & Roll - KISS

Return Home: I Never Cry - Alice Cooper

Getting Back Together: Weekend Warrior - Iron Maiden

Birth Of A Child: Ballad Of Dwight Dry - Alice Cooper ( I was gone for 14 days i might be gone for more)

Wedding: Undead - Mercy - W.A.S.P.

Live Happily: Goin' Down Slow - Eric Clapton

Final Battle: Running Free - Iron Maiden

: Scream Of Anger - Europe

: Hooligan's Holiday - Mötley Crüe

: Welcome To My Nightmare - Alice Cooper (PERFECT)

-- Edit: Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:11 pm --

Let's take a rerun

Opening Credits/Birth: Breakout - Ace Frehley

First Day Of School: Be My Lover - Alice Cooper (strange)

Meet Your Best Friend: The Evil That Men Do - iron Maiden

Falling In Love: Starman - David Bowie

: Dirty Balls - W.A.S.P. (hahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lovely Relationship: Black Diamond - KISS

: God Save The Queen - Jimi Hendrix

Prom: AC/DC - Money Talk

Graduation: Purgatory - Iron Maiden

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Child In Time - Deep Purple

Get a High Paying Job: Russian Roulette - KISS

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Breaking The Law - Judas Priest

: You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi

: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- Jimi Hendrix

Cross Country Drive: Livin On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

Flashback: Dreamer - Europe (great song haven't heard it a long time)

Return Home: Elected - Alice Cooper

Getting Back Together: Hush - Deep Purple

Birth Of A Child: Hide Your Heart - KISS (i like Ace Frehley version better)

Wedding: Creatures Of The Night - KISS

Live Happily: Hot And Cold - KISS

Final Battle: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

: On Broken Wings - Europe

: Wrathchild - Iron Maiden

: Blood From A Stone - Cinderella
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Marfmaul » Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:09 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Regression - Dream Theater

First Day Of School: 6:00 - Dream Theater

Meet Your Best Friend: Strange Deja Vu - Dream Theater

Falling In Love: Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater

Fight Over Your Girl: Finally Free - Dream Theater

Lovely Relationship: The Dance Of Eternity - Dream Theater

Breaking Up: Lie - Dream Theater

Prom: The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

Graduation: One Last Time - Dream Theater

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Overture 1928 - Dream Theater

Get a High Paying Job: The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun - Dream Theater

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: As I Am - Dream Theater

Go Broke: Hollow Years - Dream Theater

Mental Breakdown: Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater

Cross Country Drive: On The Backs Of Angels - Dream Theater

Flashback: The Enemy Inside - Dream Theater

Return Home: Home - Dream Theater

Getting Back Together: I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater

Birth Of A Child: Goodnight Kiss - Dream Theater

Wedding: Lifting Shadows Off A Dream - Dream Theater

Live Happily: This Is The Life - Dream Theater

Final Battle: A Nightmare To Remember - Dream Theater

Death Scene: Beyond This Life - Dream Theater

Funeral: Disappear - Dream Theater

End Credits: A Change Of Seasons - Dream Theater
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Maupy2 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:48 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Star Garden - Treebeard (this actually works pretty well)
First Day Of School: Perfect - Simple Plan
Meet Your Best Friend: Turn It Off - Paramore
Falling In Love: Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance (Wtf?xd)
Fight Over Your Girl: Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer - ONE OK ROCK
Lovely Relationship: Watch It Burn - Disciple (WHAT?)
Breaking Up: 88 - Sum 41
Prom: Beyond the Grave - Impending Doom (oh my god...)
Graduation: Status Seeker - Dream Theater
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Machine Gun - Sum 41
Get a High Paying Job: ...And Help You Sleep - Project 86
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Never Enough - Dream Theater
Go Broke: Halfway There - Rise Against
Mental Breakdown: A Modern Myth - 30 Seconds to Mars
Cross Country Drive: Rebirthing - Skillet (this is actually pretty good... or at least not as bad as the others)
Flashback: Fast Forward to 2012 - A Day To Remember (i swear WHAT DID I JUST SAY)
Return Home: California - Hawk Nelson (I suppose that's where I live, then)
Getting Back Together: Ominous - Linkin Park (OH MY GOD)
Birth Of A Child: More Than You Know - Spoken
Wedding: Shoot a Fireball At It - The Uriah Omen (okay jsut what the frick)
Live Happily: Something More - Altars
Final Battle: The Widow Of Magnolia - He Is Legend
Death Scene: Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
Funeral: Still Into You - Paramore
End Credits: [some japanese signs]ROCK - ONE OK ROCK

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