Easiest way to properly sync scorehero charts using Reaper

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Re: Easiest way to properly sync scorehero charts using Reap

Postby Ambiguity » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:57 pm

raynebc wrote:
Ambiguity wrote:My mid is all synced in Reaper, but when I go to play it in Phase Shift it's out of sync.

If you post some chart files I could find out if it REALLY is in sync or not.

Well that's the thing, when it saves it goes out of sync, this is not a game issue it's a Reaper issue. It wasn't just parts here and there BTW, it was the whole song saving about a second or two late. Funny thing is I've done this before when I was using Audition Mode in RB2 and didn't have this same problem(then again I was matching audio to *.mids instead of *.mids to audio).

Anyways, I already fixed the song in EOF, I'd just rather use Reaper as it feels more natural somehow(for what I was using it for anyway). The click track and RBN visual plugins in Reaper definitely work better for me then the ones in EOF.

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So if anyone could help me get these templates, I'd very much appreciate it. I need it to edit notes and stuff for my Rock Band 2.

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T3HM3T4L:Nevermind, I'll use EoF for it, I found the way I could use it for that.

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Re: Easiest way to properly sync scorehero charts using Reap

Postby david_diong » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:44 am

I know I'm kinda coming in late in the game... but is there any chance some of you folks could upload the RBN2 plugin for Reaper? Pretty Please....

I tried the Rock band site... no luck.. their site is down... hopefully not for good.

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