GH 3 Guitar doesn't work on Fofix

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GH 3 Guitar doesn't work on Fofix

Postby dayviddiniz » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:58 pm


I have played FoFix with Band Hero Drums and it has worked perfectly, I just needed to go on settings and set the drums as "Drum set 4" (something like that, can't recall the name right now) and set the keys. However, the guitar of the same set doesn't work. I try to configurate it on menu but it seems not to be recognized by FoFix. What's the problem? I have tried the Default Guitar, Analog Guitar.... all guitar alternatives, but nothing has recognized my guitar.
It's a wirelless guitar for GH PS3, it is properly synchronized and working perfectly, why doesn't it recognize my guitar?

Version: 3.120
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