FoFIX 2021 - recover old content (themes, necks, songs)

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FoFIX 2021 - recover old content (themes, necks, songs)

Postby TremoloMeasure » Mon May 03, 2021 10:22 am

After having this account inactive for a long time, I will finally use it to create my first topic, I hope I don't break too much rules.
I'll be brief, I have played fofix since before this account was created and I'm still interested in continuing to play fofix possibly for several more years

however, I have had an accident where I had to format my PC and lost many of my songs and themes, although I have some material that I was able to rescue, some I have lost forever, I wanted to download everything again but I have found that it is very difficult in 2021 to download content, especially because of the huge number of dead links.
so please, I ask you, anyone who has fofix content, please, pass it by to be able to preserve it for many years.
I want to recover as much historical content.
I want to back up all the content (songs, necks, themes) in gamebanana, there the content will last for years, I guarantee it

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