no more Starpower and Whammybar

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no more Starpower and Whammybar

Postby LaserLars » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:03 pm

Hey there!

I'm playing FoFix for years now - every Christmas with my best friends ...
Since I got Windows 10 I can't use Starpower or the Whammybar anymore.
That means no more battles or high scores and a lot of fun is missing.
There some posts around here, but nothing could help.
Cause there are not that many requests for help here I guess there are not that many users have this problem.
So, I hope someone can help me, because Christmas is coming, and we're looking forward to play FoFix as in good old times.
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Re: no more Starpower and Whammybar

Postby nobby76 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:22 pm

LaserLars wrote:Since I got Windows 10 I can't use Starpower or the Whammybar anymore.

So you know as well, it may be nothing to do with the game itself that is the problem..
Id hazard a guess and say win 10 may be reading your controller slightly different to what win 7-8 did.
Have you gone into the windows controller settings and made sure both whammy bar and tilt sensors are even registering as detectable inputs. If windows can't read them as inputs, no matter what you do, the game will never recognise them..
If they are detecting as inputs like they normally do, then id try going back to fofix and reassigning the controls. If you are still using an old config from before and the controllers are getting detected slightly different now, then chances are the game wont see them as the same inputs, so you will need to go in and reassign all the controls.

Those would be my best guesses.

Also bare in mind... Many programs did not work properly on win 10 when it came out, they had to release patches and updates to fix issues and make the programs work properly on win 10.. Even big applications like 3d applications such as 3ds Max and Maya, audio applications, video editing applications, all suffered the cross over to win 10.. So you may find (im not sure) that some things in fofix will just not work the same until they are patched..

Hope you get it working again.
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