Frets on fire + rocketlauncher

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Frets on fire + rocketlauncher

Postby mathi54 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:32 pm

Hello I wish to run frets on fire with rocketlauncher latest version I saw on some video that we work with the .bat and .ini file but without the starting file it will be hard :)

Could you help me please?

I have fofix version 3.121

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Re: Frets on fire + rocketlauncher

Postby jctrane » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:30 pm

Out of curiosity, what frontend are you trying to run it with?

Also, how many separate FOF game themes (GH1, GH2, GHMetallica, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, etc) are you trying to launch? If only one FOF theme, then you can just launch FOF beforehand, set your theme then set RocketLauncher to launch with PCLauncher module. It then loads FOF with your pre-selected game theme/skin. Simple!

If you are trying to launch FOF with several different FOF themes on game selection, you can use the RocketLauncher Frets On Fire module. It uses the -t theme switch to start up FOF with that game theme/skin. Your Frets On Fire.xml must list all the game themes with the names matching the folder name that that theme's assets are located in. Spelling does matter. This is as far as the RocketLauncher devs have taken the module launching of FOF.

There are other command line switches you can use to further control the launch of Frets On Fire. Command line switch options listed here-- ...

However, your question specifically mentioned launching with bats and ini files as in the video you linked. The only reason that would be necessary is if you are trying to launch with separate themes and matching songlists (ex-GH1 with only GH1 setlist, GH2 with only GH2 setlist, Rock Band 1 with only Rock Band 1 song setlist, etc). Each separate bat file must be in the Frets On Fire folder named to match the game names listed in the Frets On Fire.xml. The bat invokes the FOF executable, loads the selected FOF game theme with the -t command line switch, then loads a separate ini config file with the -c switch. For each FOF theme/skin/song setlist, you need an ini file named to match the game name listed in the RocketLauncher Frets On Fire.xml. The ini files need to be in the base FOF folder, the same as the separate bat files. The information in each separate config ini files are simply Frets On Fire pre-launched and renamed with the different themes and each mention of themes and song library changed to match the RocketLauncher FOF xml/theme name/ini name. When I change these instances, I use the full path to that folder location. There are about 4 or 5 lines in each ini file that are different from the others. One final important note is that your song setlists need to be in separate folders, again name matched to the above names and in a different folder than the default location for songs (normally the base FOF folder/data/songs). The normal FOF song navigation behavior is to launch FOF then navigate from a base folder to your different song folders. When you back all the way out, FOF quits. If instead you are launching with a specific songs setlist to match the game/theme/ini you have to move your base songs folder to a location other than the default location, to change this default behavior. I just moved each game songs setlist folder to the base FOF folder/songs. It works. Frets On Fire loads with different themes and matching songs setlist. When I navigate out, it quits Frets On Fire back to the frontend, allowing selection of a different game or system.

I use the RocketLauncher Casual Games module (identical to the function of PCLaucher, but simpler). In your RocketLauncher FOF system modules tab, you need to point each separate game to its bat file. Launch each game and exit FOF to make sure it is loading the correct theme and matching song setlist. If it is wrong, either your bat file info is incorrect or more likely the info in that game's ini is wrong. When you have everything loading right and this is very important-- , make a copy of the bats and inis and keep them in a separate location. FOF has a bad habit of overwriting the info in the ini files on exit, especially if you make changes in FOF options tab.

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