Phase Shift/FoFix song import to Guitar Hero World Tour?

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Phase Shift/FoFix song import to Guitar Hero World Tour?

Postby androidtucra » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:32 pm

Hey guys, I got the really awesome Guitar Hero World Tour All In One 2.0 Patch for guitar hero world tour which comes with several packs from guitar hero and rock band games with fully functional vocals!
I was wondering since there are multiple Rock Band DLC packs and Rock Band Beatles which come with separate vocal tracks and midi tracks for these vocal tracks that are unsupported by Phase Shift or Fofix if there might be a way to import these songs to the current Guitar Hero Wold Tour 2.0.

Any help on this issue would be dearly appreciated and if this topic has already been discussed please excuse this topic; a functioning link to the already discussed topic would be greatly appreciated. :)

Also when you save a file with EOF editor, it drops a file called "notes_ghwt.mid" - is there any way to import this file into guitar hero world tour?
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