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RB guitar controllers no longer supported?????

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RB guitar controllers no longer supported?????

Postby TwoGunToast » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:09 pm

I have a wired Harmonix Xbox 360 Guitar Controller that Ive tried using on the recommended version of FoF, the new untested version, as well as two different version of FoFix and the game has no idea my controller is connected. When i go to options and choose Add Controller is says "No Controller Found", Even when I use JoyToKey to map it to keyboard functions the game still does not accept input from this guitar controller. the Wiki says this controller is compatible with "All versions of FoF". it says the same thing about compatibility for the old PS2 SG controller and that one worked perfectly with any and all versions of FoF AND FoFix so my question is, .... What the f*ck? I can map this guitar controller to work with a GC emulator but not a music game designed to use controllers like this.

EDIT: the issue is fixed, i uninstalled everything, the controllers drivers, the game, everything reinstalled all of it and it worked but I have no idea why it wasnt letting me do anything with the controller before. i couldnt map it or anything. has anyone else ever had that problem?
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Re: RB guitar controllers no longer supported?????

Postby nobby76 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:17 am

it would have been the controller drivers probably didnt install properly.. no biggie that happens sometimes.
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