SoX and EoF Mac Troubles

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SoX and EoF Mac Troubles

Postby Yodamadashi » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:23 pm

Alright, as you know, Mac's can make songs with EOF. However I have found another .mp3 - .ogg converter that works for macs (and windows/linux apparently) called SoX or Sound eXchange.

After using it a bit, it has become very easy to convert mp3 songs to ogg to create custom FoF songs.

Get more information at:

P.S. If this was posted already, Sorry :ohmy:

---- EDIT ----

Just being honest here, the EOF for Mac really blows. I tried making a song for a hour, and it doesn't even load the song file to make the FoF Track. These things make me crazy:

1. Song Folder??? What does that do...
- I make the directory to the song, doesn't work.
- I make the directory to the folder the song is in... doesn't work.
- I make the directory to everything I can think of... doesn't work

2. File -> New
- Select Music File
- New Song Information
- Location for New Song
Create New Folder (Name: First Song)
- EOF No Song
Could not create folder!
/Applications/ Song could not be created.

I have tried over 50 combinations of different stuff from above. Each time there's a weird error.

If you are a mac user that has figured this out, please please tell me what you are doing to get the songs to work. This EoF is killing me :cursing:
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Re: SoX and EoF Mac Troubles

Postby trinidude4 » Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:02 am

Try working outside of the folder. Put the ogg in some folder on your Desktop and try again. You might be having some permission issues.

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