The Soundtrack to Your Life

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby publicenemy187 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:30 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Blood For Blood - Machine Head (that HAS to be awesome!)
First Day Of School: United Abdominations - Megadeth (...what most people at school are)
Meet Your Best Friend: Blooddrunk - COB (a satanistic friend?)
Falling In Love: Baby's Got A Temper - The Prodigy (Hell yeah!)
Fight Over Your Girl: Can't Slow Down - Joe Satriani (...this guy just pisses me off!)
Lovely Relationship: Bulldozer - Machine Head (WHAT THE FAAAACK?????)
Breaking Up: Vicarious - Tool (maybe we broke up because she's a media-victim or something)
Prom: -Enter The Grave - Evile (AWESOME PROM!)
Graduation: Wrathchild - Iron maiden (...I've always been one)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Welcome Home - Metallica (...finally some time to relax)
Get a High Paying Job: The King For A 1000 Years - Helloween (AWESOME JOB!!)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: End Of The Line - Metallica (not too bad)
Go Broke: The Trees - Rush (okaaaaay......)
Mental Breakdown: Nothing Left - Machine Head (pretty good)
Cross Country Drive: Freedom - RATM (pretty good, too)
Flashback: Sexy Little Thing - Chickenfoot (oh come on...)
Return Home: 30 Days In The Hole - Mr. Big (interesting word for "home" ^^)
Getting Back Together: Eat Me Alive - Judas Priest (WTF????)
Birth Of A Child: Hell Awaits - Slayer (LFMAO!!!)
Wedding: Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest (AWESOME WEDDING!!)
Live Happily: I Am The Dog - Nevermore (WTF?? xD)
Final Battle: Roooooots Bloody Roooooooooooots - Sepultura (HELL YEAH!!!!!)
Death Scene: Sad Soil - Andreas Kisser (Just Perfect for this scene!)
Funeral: The Evil Eye - Six Feet Under (wow that funeral scares me! xD)
End Credits: On The Bird Serpent War - Symphony X (not so good for the ending x_x)

Hmm....let's try one more!!

Opening Credits/Birth: Thrill Of It all - Black Sabbath (again, Awesome opening!)
First Day Of School: Drag The Waters - Pantera (omfg)
Meet Your Best Friend: Straight Through The Telephone - Paul Gilbert (LMAO xD)
Falling In Love: Ascendancy - Trivium (poor girl..xD)
Fight Over Your Girl: Captive Honour - Megadeth (great song for this scene!)
Lovely Relationship: Push Comes To Shove - Van Halen (PERFECT! :D)
Breaking Up: Firestarter - The Prodigy (Again, PERFECT!)
Prom: I'm Alive - Helloween (....yes I am ._.)
Graduation: War Ensemble - Slayer (...fear this class!!)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Devil's Child - Judas Priest (okaaay.....)
Get a High Paying Job: Crack The Skye - Mastodon (I love this song so much!! But it makes no sense in this scene!! xD)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Anticop - Sepultura (no, I'm no cop anymore)
Go Broke: Sharkbait - Swashbuckle (Literally speaking...maybe)
Mental Breakdown: Reckoning Day - Megadeth (hmm....)
Cross Country Drive: I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater (She follows me on my trip <3)
Flashback: Wenches And Meat - Alestorm (Oh my god xD)
Return Home: Guardians Of Asgaard - Amon Amarth (I love my home!! :D)
Getting Back Together: Vacant - Dream Theater (GREAT!)
Birth Of A Child: Another Brick In the Wall - Pink Floyd (Okay, now I really laughed my anus off!! xD)
Wedding: Fall Of The Cycophants - Soulfly (Not so good x_x)
Live Happily: Pushing Me Away - Linkin park (Oh, stupid Irony! xD)
Final Battle: The Voice Within - Vinnie Moore (Nice background music, but could be more epic)
Death Scene: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (HELL YESS!!)
Funeral: Vielen Dank Für Den Grindcore - Excrementory **** (This song is a Metal-Remix of the Udo Jürgens-Song "Vielen Dank für die Blumen", it means "Thanks a lot for the Grindcore/flowers" -> It's just an amazing funeral song!! xD)
End Credits: To Live Is To Die - Metallica (Could have been an awesome funeral song, too but its still Great for this scene)

Okay, that should be it, the second try went better on some scenes :D
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby hereje888 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:48 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
First Day Of School: Symphony X - Oculus Ex Inferni (WOW, epic hellish school ain't it?)
Meet Your Best Friend: Strapping Young Lad - Zen (chinese friend?)
Falling In Love: Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow (live)
Fight Over Your Girl: The Devin Townsend Band - Storm
Lovely Relationship: Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pt. VI - IX) (long relationship, great!)
Breaking Up: Extreme - Get The Funk Out (yeah!)
Prom: Pink Floyd - Money
Graduation: Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Ixtapa (awesome song, sorta fits too)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Dethklok - Bloodtrocuted (cool job!)
Get a High Paying Job: Michael Schenker Group - Assault Of The Mad Axeman (my jobs just get better!)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Iced Earth - Pure Evil (evil bastards, loved my jobs!)
Go Broke: Blue Oyster Cult - Lips In The Hills
Mental Breakdown: Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxy 500 (HOLY COE PERFECT SONG!)
Cross Country Drive: Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (perfect!)
Flashback: Judas Priest - The Hellion/Electric Eye
Return Home: Queens Of The Stoneage - Go With The Flow
Getting Back Together: Mastodon - The Wolf Is Loose (sick.)
Birth Of A Child: Ska-P - McDolar (my son'll hate Mickey D's all right)
Wedding: Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua (music may not fit: at least Nicaragua may be a good place...)
Live Happily: Dethklok - Murmaider (back to my mermaid slayer job!)
Final Battle: Shadows Fall - A Public Execution (fits)
Death Scene: Ministry - Rio Grande Blood (Bush killed me, noooo)
Funeral: Pearl Jam - Once (fits, too)
End Credits: UFO - Long Gone

turned out pretty cool

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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby stryper_777 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:39 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Will You Still Love Me - Chicago

First Day Of School: Blaze Of Glory - Bon Jovi

Meet Your Best Friend: Whats On My Mind - Kansas

Falling In Love: Mama Cant Buy You Love - Elton John

Fight Over Your Girl: I Remember You - Skid Row

Lovely Relationship: Crocodile Rock - Elton John

Breaking Up: Miss America - Styx

Prom: Do It Again - Steely Dan

Graduation: I Can See For Miles - The Who

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Dust In The Wind - Kansas

Get a High Paying Job: Sara - Fleetwood Mac

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing It: A Day In The Life - The Beatles

Go Broke: Sweet Talkin Woman - Electric Light Orchestra

Mental Breakdown: Feel Like Makin Love - Bad Company

Cross Country Drive: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd

Flashback: Rhythm Of Love - Scorpions

Return Home: Billy's Got A Gun - Def Leppard

Getting Back Together: Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Birth Of A Child: Only Time Will Tell - Asia

Wedding: La Do Da - Journey

Live Happily: Think Im In Love - Eddie Money

Final Battle: Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles (

Death Scene: Open Arms - Journey

Funeral: All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

End Credits: Say You Will - Foreigner
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby sonicandshadow97 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:21 am

Opening Credits/Birth: Dream Theater - A Nightmare to Remember ( :laugh: You'll remember this!)
First Day Of School: Dream Theater - The Dark Eternal Night (Almost good.)
Meet Your Best Friend: Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons (WTF Dream Theater)
Falling In Love: Motley Crue - Too Young to Fall in Love (If I knew how old he was...)
Fight Over Your Girl: Dream Theater - Never Enough
Lovely Relationship: Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
Breaking Up: Guns 'N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Prom: Molly Hatchet - Beatin' the Odds
Graduation: Pantera - Walk
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Metallica - ... And Justice for All
Get a High Paying Job: Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing It: Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Go Broke: Guns 'N' Roses - Nightrain
Mental Breakdown:Damn Yankees - Piledriver
Cross Country Drive: Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
Flashback: Judas Priest - Painkiller
Return Home: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Getting Back Together: The Ides of March - Vehicle
Birth Of A Child:Dream Theater - A Nightmare to Remember (Another one?)
Wedding: Skid Row - Youth gone Wild
Live Happily: Skid Row - Youth gone Wild
Final Battle: Guns 'N' Roses - Nightrain
Death Scene: The Offspring - Defy You
Funeral: Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
End Credits: Metallica - Damage, Inc.

I don't know why it kept repeating songs.
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby mydeepestdream » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:45 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Dreams - We Came As Romans
First Day Of School: You Never Noticed Me - Saosin
Meet Your Best Friend: Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End - A Day To Remember
Falling In Love: The Tide - Oceana
Fight Over Your Girl: Sing This! - I See Stars (perfect!)
Lovely Relationship: Alexithymia - Anberlin
Breaking Up: Vicarious - If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember (holy crap. the most perfect it can get)
Prom: - Misery Loves It's Company - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Graduation: It's Not Love If There Isn't Bloodshed - I Am Alpha And Omega
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Interlude - Attack Attack!
Get a High Paying Job: Well Enough Alone - Chevelle
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Crushcrushcrush - Paramore (I don't even wanna know what the job is...)
Go Broke: Up Against The Ropes - August Burns Red
Mental Breakdown: The Conductor - Oceana
Cross Country Drive: A Call To The Faithful - Inhale Exhale
Flashback: A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta - Asking Alexandria
Return Home: I Miss You - Blink-182
Getting Back Together: In A Lose, Lose Situation (uhhh okay)
Birth Of A Child: Mother Nature Is A Terrorist - Greeley Estates (lolwut)
Wedding: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (oh yes)
Live Happily: Changing - Saosin
Final Battle: Perfection Through Silence - Finch (*sniffle*)
Death Scene: Start The Shooting - A Day To Remember (LOLOLOLOL)
Funeral: Ability To Create A War - A Skylit Drive
End Credits: Running With The Light - A Skylit Drive

All in all. Boring life.
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby thebocaj » Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:09 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Tool - Schism
First Day Of School: Foo Fighters - DOA
Meet Your Best Friend: Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (lol)
Falling In Love: Iron Maiden - A Different World (also lol)
Fight Over Your Girl: Trivium - Kirisute Gomen (niiice)
Lovely Relationship: The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
Breaking Up: Disturbed - Conflict (fits well)
Prom: Enslaved - Frost (strangest prom i've ever heard of)
Graduation: In Case Of Fire - This Time We Stand
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Fields Of The Nephilim - Penetration (erm, what was i doing in college)
Get a High Paying Job: Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain (doesn't quite fit)
Go Broke: Apocalyptica - I Don't Care (lol)
Mental Breakdown: Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman (perfect fit)
Cross Country Drive: Enter Shikari - We Can Breathe In Space, They Just Don't Want Us To Escape
Flashback: Dream Theater - Constant Motion
Return Home: The Police - Next To You (fits kinda)
Getting Back Together: Rush - The Spirit Of Radio
Birth Of A Child: Rammstein - Zerstoren (funny how that's german for destroy)
Wedding: Megadeth - Mary Jane (wonder what the woman's called)
Live Happily: Judas Priest - Painkiller (nice and happy XD)
Final Battle: Dimmu Borgir - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (an epic song for an epic battle :))
Death Scene: Metallica - Enter Sandman (lol)
Funeral: Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven
End Credits: Ministry - Thieves (have to be quite extreme credits)

quite good results there :)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Nathaniel607 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:44 pm

I feel like doing another one!

Opening Credits/Birth
Savatage - Washed Out

First Day Of School
Judas Priest - One on One

Meet Your Best Friend
Anthrax - Parasite (this isn't going well...)

Falling In Love
Mercyful Fate - Return of the Vampire (nope)

Fight Over Your Girl
The Megas - Man on Fire (Heat Man) (maybe...)

Lovely Relationship
Porcupine Tree - Fadeaway (haven't even listened to PT yet... so I dunno)

Breaking Up
Exodus - Blacklist

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

Dark Moor - For Her

Montage of Your Hard Work in College
Trivium - Poison, The Knife or the Noose

Get a High Paying Job
Exodus - Fuel for the Fire (ugghh)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it
Megadeth - Disconnect

Go Broke
Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic (no)

Mental Breakdown
Dokken - Hello

Cross Country Drive
Mars Volta - Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)

Joe Satriani - Tears in the Rain (YES! Finally! One that works!)

Return Home
Timeless Miracle - Return of the Werewolf (if I return as a werewolf maybe...)

Getting Back Together
The Fall of Troy - Empty the Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen

Birth Of A Child
Metallica - Helpless

Pink Floyd - Madamoiselle Knobs

Live Happily
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Faultlime

Final Battle
Between The Buried and Me - Us And Them

Death Scene
Dokken - Bitter Regret (yes!)

Spock's Beard - At the End of the Day (sorta works)

End Credits
Jimi Hendrix - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (SHIIIIIIIII)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby ZaLiTH » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:40 am

I swear I only did this once, and this is what I got on my first shuffle.... It describes me almost perfectly. :blink:

Opening Credits/Birth: Sevendust - Follow
First Day Of School: Crossfade - Death Trend Setta
Meet Your Best Friend: Marilyn Manson - Mutilation Is The Sincere For Of Flaterry (my best friend of 9 years is a MM freak...)
Falling In Love: Otep - The Lord Is My Weapon
Fight Over Your Girl: Dope - Burn (perfect fight song)
Lovely Relationship: Nonpoint - Change My Mind (done that too many times)
Breaking Up: Children Of Bodom - Little Bloodred Riding Hood
Prom: Trivium - Becoming The Dragon
Graduation: Roadrunner United - Independant (hell yeah)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Bloodhound Gang - Take The Long Way Home (drugs lead nowhere.....)
Get a High Paying Job: Chimaira - Nothing Remains
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Bullet For My Valentine - Eye Of The Storm
Go Broke: Dope - **** The World (hehe...)
Mental Breakdown: Slipknot - Eeyore (i have violent mental breakdowns)
Cross Country Drive: Static-X - Kill Your Idols
Flashback: Trapt - Still Frame (the only emo song in my playlist?)
Return Home: Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors (ok, maybe not the only one)
Getting Back Together: Otep - Eemtee (definitely one of those slow, awkward, weird events... much like the song)
Birth Of A Child: Cold - Stupid Girl (no comment needed)
Wedding: Coldseed - Completion Makes The Tragedy (lol)
Live Happily: Marilyn Manson - In The Shaddow Of The Valley Of Death (yup, that works)
Final Battle: Metallica - Ronnie (this one doesn't quite work, except for maybe the lyrics...)
Death Scene: Finch - What It Is To Burn (i've always wanted a Viking funeral, true story)
Funeral: Nonpoint - Move Now
End Credits: Seether - 69 Tee

Here's the proof, a screenshot of my WMP list:
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Yagomestre » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:31 pm

\O/ My first post in the forum :tongue2: i dont speak very good english (im brazilian xD) but i understand the list (i hope), so here the songs:

First Day Of School: Highway to Hell - AC/DC (Fit perfect)
Meet Your Best Friend: Nova Era - Angra (lol)
Falling In Love: Bring me To Life - Evanescene
Fight Over Your Girl: Iron Man - Black Sabbath (WTF?)
Lovely Relationship: Numb/Encore - Linkin Park ft Jay-Z (perfect, i know the reasons ^^)
Breaking Up: Re-Education - Rise Against :confused:
Prom: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana or Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions (lol)
Graduation: Guerilla Radio - Rage Against The Machine (LOL)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Seven Nations Army - White Stripes
Get a High Paying Job: Rollin - Limp Bizkit
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Die **** Die - Dope (Perfect song ****!)
Go Broke: Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
Mental Breakdown: Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Cross Country Drive: Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf (PERFECT)
Flashback: Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Return Home: Are you Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
Getting Back Together: Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N' Roses
Birth Of A Child: Hit That - Offspring (Ohhh shiiiiit)
Wedding: Pretty Woman - Elvis Presley (LMFAO)
Live Happily: Voodo Child - Jimi Hendrix (?)
Final Battle: Beat It - Van Halen or T.N.T! -AC/DC (T.N.T are better to this, but Beat It as good enough too)
Death Scene: Godfather - Slash's Solo
Funeral: Live and let Die- Guns N' Roses
End Credits: One - Metallica (AWESOME PERFECT!)
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby DaBackStabber666 » Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:53 pm

This is from my iPod.

Opening Credits/Birth: Jimi Hendrix - Love Or Confusion
First Day Of School: Megadeth - No Pain
Meet Your Best Friend: Trivium - A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
Falling In Love: Scar Symmetry - Radiant Strain
Fight Over Your Girl: The Offspring - Denial, Revisited
Lovely Relationship: Chimaira - Refuse To See
Breaking Up: Arch Enemy - Snowbound
Prom: Gojira - Torii
Graduation: Tenacious D - Beelzeboss
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (lolol)
Get a High Paying Job: Atreyu - So Wrong
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: A7X - We Come Out At Night
Go Broke: Pantera - New Level
Mental Breakdown: Children Of Bodom - Deadnight Warrior
Cross Country Drive: Meshuggah - The Paradoxical Spiral
Flashback: Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Return Home: Escape The Fate - Reverse The Curse
Getting Back Together: A7X - Waking The Fallen
Birth Of A Child: Slayer - Skeleton Christ
Wedding: Children Of Bodom - Punch Me I Bleed
Live Happily: Atreyu - Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
Final Battle: All That Remains - Undone
Death Scene: Metallica - Dyers Eve (HAHAHAHA)
Funeral: Angra - Angels Cry (hahaha?)
End Credits: Devildriver - Resurrection Bvld. <HELL YES.

Haha I guess some of those work
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Kermit4Prez » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:15 pm

Opening Credits/Birth
James Gang - Funk #49

First Day Of School
Captain Beefheart - Hair Pie: Bake 2

Meet Your Best Friend
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Moon, Turn the Tides... Gently, Gently Away

Falling In Love
Mastodon - Crack the Skye (wut)

Fight Over Your Girl
El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Puny Humans

Lovely Relationship
Mastodon - Sleeping Giant (man the harpoons!)

Breaking Up
James Gang - Thanks (maybe, I guess)

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

Montage of Your Hard Work in College
Captain Beefheart - I'm Glad (huhhhh)

Get a High Paying Job
The Roots - UNIverse at War (whaaaaaaaat)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (might've worked for Go Broke)

Go Broke
The Beatles - Come Together

Mental Breakdown
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster (kind of works, I guess)

Cross Country Drive
Mars Volta - Eunuch Provocateur

Wolfmother - California Queen

Return Home
Cheap Trick - Hello There (maybe)

Getting Back Together
Soft Machine - Pig (involves a lot of sex, I guess)

Birth Of A Child
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder (what)

Beach Boys - Let's Go Away For a While (would've worked better for Live Happily)

Live Happily
Nirvana - Blew (doesn't seem too happy to me)

Final Battle
Pink Floyd - The Gnome (alright, this doesn't work at all)

Death Scene
Immortal Technique - Top of the Food Chain (just no)

The Beatles - There's a Place (kind of adds a suicidal feel to the song)

End Credits
Dead Kennedy's - This Could Be Anywhere


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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Spikehead777 » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:20 pm

Take 1 and action.

Spoiler:Opening Credits/Birth: System of a Down - Lonely Day (Lost my parents or something?)
First Day Of School: AC/DC - Jailbreak (Lol.)
Meet Your Best Friend: System of a Down - Chic 'n' Stu (More lol.)
Falling In Love: Evanescence - Where Will You Go (Uhh...)
Fight Over Your Girl: AC/DC - War Machine (Kind of Works...)
Lovely Relationship: Dragonforce - Cry of the Brave (Hold me tight, I'm going in...holy crap! Get me out! Get me-Aughhh!!!)
Breaking Up: AC/DC - Skies on Fire (Uhh, okay then...)
Prom: Metallica - The End of the Line (Suicide...)
Graduation: Drist - Artillery Black (...Or not)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Crush 40 - Open Your Heart (Doesn't work.)
Get a High Paying Job: Evanescence - Lithium (More doesn't work)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls (Even more doesn't work.)
Go Broke: Dragonforce - Soldiers of the Wasteland (Do I have to say that it doesn't work?)
Mental Breakdown: AC/DC Moneytalks (If money talks, yeah, you're going crazy. Doesn't work.)
Cross Country Drive: Evanescence - Lies (...)
Flashback: Metallica - Through the Never (Might have worked for cross country drive...)
Return Home: AC/DC - Stormy May Day (Nope.)
Getting Back Together: AC/DC - D.T. (Nope.)
Birth Of A Child: Guns 'n' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle (Sweet Child Of Mine would be better)
Wedding: AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Awesome.)
Live Happily: Metallica - One (Landmine! Has taken my sight! Taken my speech! Taken my hearing! Taken my arms! Taken my legs! Taken my soul! Living my life in hell! This totally does not work.)
Final Battle: Dragonforce - Invocation of the Apocalyptic Evil (What.)
Death Scene: Dragonforce - Strike of the Ninja (More what.)
Funeral: Jimmy Eat World - Pain (Kind of works...)
End Credits: Metallica - To Live is to Die (Wait. Was this Cliff Burton's story?)

Take 2...

Spoiler:Opening Credits/Birth: Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (What.)
First Day Of School: Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home (Uhh...)
Meet Your Best Friend: Priestess - Lay Down (Uhhhhhhh...)
Falling In Love: AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Barely works...)
Fight Over Your Girl: Muse - Knights of Cydonia (This is better.)
Lovely Relationship: Strong Bad - Trogdor (TROGDOOOOOOOOR!!!!!)
Breaking Up: Evanescence - The Only One (Somewhat works.)
Prom: The Strokes - Reptilia (Catchy song ftw.)
Graduation: AC/DC - Rock 'n' Roll Train (Kind of works...)
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Boston - Peace of Mind (Not really...)
Get a High Paying Job: Anthrax - Madhouse (What.)
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: AC/DC - Hard as a Rock (Also kind of works.)
Go Broke: Dethklok - Thunderhorse (No.)
Mental Breakdown: Evanescence - Going Under (Definitely.)
Cross Country Drive: AC/DC - Hell or High Water (No.)
Flashback: AC/DC - Who Made Who (More no.)
Return Home: Muse - Assassin (Even more no.)
Getting Back Together: Evanescence - Your Star (I can't see your star. What?)
Birth Of A Child: AC/DC - Wheels (This kind of works.)
Wedding: AC/DC - Problem Child (Why wasn't this one on the one above? Does my kid screw up the wedding?)
Live Happily: Accept - Balls to the Wall (Slaves are not happy. Wtf.)
Final Battle: Dragonforce - Prepare for War (Works.)
Death Scene: Disturbed - Stupify (Uhh...)
Funeral: AC/DC - C.O.D. (Forgot to pay my bills.)
End Credits: Evanescence - Field of Innocence (Yes-ish.)

...I'll just do it myself.

Spoiler:Opening Credits/Birth: Airbourne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
First Day Of School: AC/DC - Jailbreak
Meet Your Best Friend: Metallica - My Friend of Misery
Falling In Love: Haddaway - What is Love
Fight Over Your Girl: Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls
Lovely Relationship: AC/DC - Playing With Girls
Breaking Up: Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
Prom: Eagles - Take it to the Limit
Graduation: Alice Cooper - School's Out
Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Black Flag - Rise Above
Get a High Paying Job: AC/DC - Moneytalks
Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Go Broke: AC/DC - C.O.D.
Mental Breakdown: System of a Down - Sugar
Cross Country Drive: Journey - Wheel in the Sky
Flashback: Kansas - Pain - Same old Song
Return Home: Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home
Getting Back Together: Heart - Crazy on You
Birth Of A Child: AC/DC - Problem Child
Wedding: All That Remains - Six (heavy metal wedding ftw!)
Live Happily: Boston - Peace of Mind
Final Battle: Crush 40 - Live and Learn
Death Scene: Metallica - Creeping Death
Funeral: Metallica - That Was Just Your Life
End Credits: Metallica - The End Of The Line

3 lists for the price of one.
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby HxC A7X Fan » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:04 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Just Dance - Lady GaGa (Wtf?)

First Day Of School: Can't Touch This - Peter Griffin (Family Guy) (Uh..)

Meet Your Best Friend: Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage (Dio Cover) (This isn't going well, at all.)

Falling In Love: Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold (Sounds like a lovely relationship.)

Fight Over Your Girl: Scream Aim Fire - Bullet For My Valentine (Finally, one that makes sense!)

Lovely Relationship: Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin (I spoke too soon..)

Breaking Up: Lost - Killswitch Engage (Makes sense, I guess.)

Prom: Kickapoo - Tenacious D (...)

Graduation: Fake It - Seether

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Cemetery Gates - Pantera (That bad, huh?)

Get a High Paying Job: Shattered By Broken Dreams - Avenged Sevenfold (That doesn't suit it at all!)

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Underoath (Hm, makes a tad bit of sense.)

Go Broke: I Almost Told You That I Loved You - Papa Roach (Whoa..)

Mental Breakdown: By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Cross Country Drive: Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

Flashback: Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

Return Home: Breath - Breaking Benjamin

Getting Back Together: Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch (LOL)

Birth Of A Child: The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage

Wedding: Wasting My Time - Default (LMAO)

Live Happily: Happy - Mudvayne

Final Battle: A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold (Strange.)

Death Scene: Jizz In My Pants - The Lonely Island (XD)

Funeral: Just Dance - Surrender The Dance Floor (Lady GaGa Cover) (Wtf, again?)

End Credits: No. 5 - Hollywood Undead

Well, that was messed up.
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby Maartah » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:17 pm

Opening Credits/Birth: Heirate Mich - Rammstein (mens "marry me", makes no sense)

First Day Of School: Street Lethal - Racer X (lol)

Meet Your Best Friend: A Passage To Bangkok - Rush (asian friend I guess)

Falling In Love: The Inner Road - Adagio

Fight Over Your Girl: Born to be Wild -Blue Oyster Cult (:laugh:)

Lovely Relationship: Auf Achse - Franz Ferdinand

Breaking Up: Shine Acoustic - Muse

Prom: Tears - Rush (oh dear)

Graduation: Escape - Muse (fits great :laugh:)

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Kindred Spirits - Liquid Tension Experiment

Get a High Paying Job: Screenager - Muse

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Octavarium - Dream Theater

Go Broke: Picture of Home - Deep Purple (hmm)\

Mental Breakdown: Unintended - Muse

Cross Country Drive: Strange Deja Vu - Dream Theater

Flashback: This is The Sound - The Exies

Return Home: Let the Spirit Fly - Racer X

Getting Back Together: Cenotaph - Nevermore

Birth Of A Child: Premonition - Symphony X

Wedding: Cave - Muse (wot? get married and end up caved in?)

Live Happily: Goin' Through The Motions - Blue Oyster Cult

Final Battle: Flash of The Blade - Iron Maiden (nice!)

Death Scene: Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin

Funeral: The Four Horsemen - Metallica (\../)

End Credits: Bring it On Home - Led Zeppelin (another good one)

Had a few good ones!
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Re: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Postby HxC A7X Fan » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:44 pm

I have nothing else better to do, so I'm gonna give this another shot.

Opening Credits/Birth: Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Hahahah.)

First Day Of School: Just Another Star - Bullet For My Valentine (Inspiring..?)

Meet Your Best Friend: Breathe Life - Killswitch Engage

Falling In Love: The Pretender - Foo Fighters (Oh, wow.)

Fight Over Your Girl: The River - Good Charlotte ft. M Shadows and Synyster Gates (?)

Lovely Relationship: Scars - Papa Roach (Real lovely!)

Breaking Up: Forever - Papa Roach (Wow.)

Prom: Ain't Love Grand - Atreyu (Wtf.)

Graduation: Hotel California - The Eagles

Montage of Your Hard Work in College: Carol of the Bells - August Burns Red (..?)

Get a High Paying Job: Overcome - All That Remains

Quit High Paying Job and Act Badass Doing it: Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold

Go Broke: Warmness on the Soul - Vitamin String Quartet (Avenged Sevenfold Cover)

Mental Breakdown: Doomsday - Atreyu (Heh.)

Cross Country Drive: For You - Killswitch Engage

Flashback: Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Return Home: Lips of Deceit - Avenged Sevenfold (o_O)

Getting Back Together: Dead Memories - Slipknot (Morbid, much?)

Birth Of A Child: Sidewinder - Vitamin String Quartet (Avenged Sevenfold Cover)

Wedding: Girl I Know - Avenged Sevenfold (Hahahaha!)

Live Happily: The Pick of Destiny - Tenacious D

Final Battle: In The End - Linkin Park

Death Scene: Master Exploder - Tenacious D (I'm guessing that was a stupid death.)

Funeral: Still Beats Your Name - Killswitch Engage

End Credits: I'm On A Boat - The Lonely Island (xD)

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