RB - extracting note chart from mid file

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RB - extracting note chart from mid file

Postby Cabanon » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:46 pm

Hi everyone

I want to extract the note chart from RB files and this process is litteraly driving me nuts. For GH, it's quite easy with Custom Chart Viewer, but for RB, there's litteraly nothing. Custom Chart Viewer will work but it will omit every single Overdrive, making pathing near impossible.

Here's what I tried
C3 Con Tools Audio Analyzer tells me the mid file is not supported
REAPER 4.22 with RBN plugin doesnt work.

Is there a guide or process available to follow here or elsewhere ?

Thanks !

EDIT: uh, this is the wrong place I posted this, this should be in Tech & Support. If a mod can movie it please, sorry !
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