How (not) to start a new Rhythm Game project

Discussion specific to other music games, like: RB, GH, GZ, JamLegend, SoS, etc.
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Re: How (not) to start a new Rhythm Game project

Postby amak11 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:26 am

good point, well i think my brain sorta shut off after i wrote that. But i was busy doing a million other things. Ill try to add to it soon, even it is a few supporting lines
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Re: How (not) to start a new Rhythm Game project

Postby Acedia » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:19 pm

Well, it's been 2 years, and 3 weeks since this was posted, and honestly, I don't expect another response for another 2 years or so... but here it is.

When i started "Rockfan", i started with high hopes of actually completing the task of doing what no-one (in the open source world for rhythm games) had done. From FOF Online, to Rockfan, to GZ3, then back to Rockfan, the end result for the project has always been the same, provide an awesome online experience. almost 4 years after i started the original project "FoF Online". I have finally achieved my goal of providing an online experience for music rhythm games.... but it seems I'm about 2 years to late. And 4 years production time for a cloned game, is obviously way too long, The Genere died and now i'm left to play online, by my self. I'm currently in the process of cleaning up the current sources to support GH3+ / RB2+ mid files, and AI for "People" for me to play against. However, I honestly, don't ever plan to publicly release it. I will if asked.

Now that i've spent 4+ years designing, refining, going back and forth between features, etc. I will give you a definition on how i would / could have achieved my goal in at a much faster pace.

1) Clearly define the Features / Game Experience(s) you expect to make. Not "I'm going to make a GH / RB clone like FOFix". For example:

CareerMode, Quickplay (Random Song picked and GO, Practice), NetworkPlay (Matchmaking, DedicatedServer lists, LocalNet Play, PartyMode, etc),
Options { Audio, Video, Game, Input }, Credits, Exit

Song Selection, should contain a random song chooser, and should be sorted in levels by directory structures. have a search feature?
Difficulty Selection, should contains only the difficulty(s) of the selected song

Gameplay, Notes move from top of screen to bottom of screen, using a 3d camera, setting at 78degrees, and 2bars of notes visible at 120bpm, support Hyperspeed x5


2) Build the Menus, if you are going to support theming, or eventually want to support theming, this is the time to design it into the MenuSystem. It doesn't have to be supported at first. But designing the Menus first, will be less stressful, and tend to have less research, then the actually gameplay.

3) Build the Input Handling System { Not all players want to play with the keyboard, and not all players have the same instrument. }

4) Define your data: Player, Instrument, PlayNoteData, etc.
* If you choose to do networking in your game, This is when you should build the networking system. Doing this at this stage, will allow you to define values, states, settings, and the overall design, without having to re-write existing gameplay code, to fix the networking code.

5) Build the Song / Chart importer, this should be built in a way, that the Gameplay portion of the game, can use, without having to do extra processing, while trying to determine, whether a note has been hit, etc.

5) Build a base Playerboard, this object defines the basic rules for any of the Instrument play types for example, Boardspeed, NoteTypes, IsVisiable, void Bounce() { used for drum kicks, Open Bass notes, or random starpower / overdrive section finishes }

6) And finally This is where you Build you actual gameplay system. This should basically be your playerboard, with gamerules applied. This should take more then 50% of your development time, between getting the timing / positioning perfect, research, bug fixes, improvements. etc.

Now I'm not saying that this is not the optimal way of doing it. This is just the way, i should have done it to save myself alot of headaches, motivation losses, and multiple re-writes, cause i thought the code was messy.

DO NOT SAY YOUR GOING TO MAKE / ARE MAKING A CLONE, UNLESS YOU HAVE ATLEAST SOME GAMPLAY TO SHOW. This would have saved me soo much grief, and remember, this is your game, build it how you want, with the features you want... then ask others about what they want ( if you want to support community features )
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Re: How (not) to start a new Rhythm Game project

Postby Galfer76 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:26 am

Phase shift for exemple is not a bad project i think is better than Fofix now.

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