The Offical Rock Band 3 Thread

Discussion specific to other music games, like: RB, GH, GZ, JamLegend, SoS, etc.
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Re: The Offical Rock Band 3 Thread (Rumored songs added)

Postby juan28900 » Mon Sep 05, 2022 10:40 pm

Menphis02 wrote:
doomtron wrote:guitar/bass/cover =/= pro guitar/pro bass/pro drums/pro keys/harmony vocals/guitar/bass/drums/keys/master

Also, slashfan:

ShiftBreaker, on scorehero wrote:
*Uses magic typing skills to create one*

As we can see, RB's going mainly for GH's on-disc songs, while GH is going for a lot of RB's DLC. Also, I expected more shared on-disc songs, so 4 is nice.

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