Songs in Videogames: Some help to make a huge list

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Songs in Videogames: Some help to make a huge list

Postby AkiraNomuraBCN » Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:00 am

Hi everyone.

I'd like to ask you for a little help, I've already been looking by myself for a long time, but the more content I can get, the better and you might be able to help me out.

So here it goes. We're going to organize a gaming night with some friends and obviously we will be playing Phase Shift. People attending there has a mixed musical taste and I get to manage all the music in the event. So I thought that besides playing the classical videogame music like the OST for Zelda, Final Fantasy and so on, I'd like to introduce licensed music that has appeared in videogames, of artists such as Nirvana, Guns and Roses or any music style that appears in any kind of music such as Need For Speed, GTA, Burnout, Fifa...

As I said, the more music I can put onto the playlist the better, that way everyone can be satisfied. I've already found and selected a list of games that I'll detail at the bottom of this post.

The idea for this thread is that you say games that have licensed songs in them and I'll add some of every game into that playlist.

It doesn't matter the genre, age or platform of the game as long as the song appears in the game itself wether it's in the intro, menus, in-game or credits, but not in trailers or any kind of promotional material. Also the game cannot be a musical/rythm game.

Here is the list of games and I hope that thanks to you I can make it bigger.

Spoiler:Actua Soccer 3
Activision Anthology
Agressive Inline
All-Pro Football 2K8
APB Reloaded
Big Air
Big Mutha Truckers
Brutal Legend
Burnout (series)
Call of Duty (series)
Carmageddon (series)
Cart Fury Championship Racing
Conflict: Vietnam
Crazy Taxi (series)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (series)
DIRT (series)
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure
Don King Presents: Pizefighters
Driver (series)
Downhill Domination
EA Sports MMA
EA Sports UFC
ESPN X Games ProBoarder
F1 2000
FIFA (series)
FIFA STREET (series)
Forza (series)
Freestyle Metal X
Gran Turismo (series)
Grand Theft Auto (series)
Juiced (series)
LittleBigPlanet Karting
LMA Manager
Lollipop Chainsaw
Lumines II
Made Man
Maden NFL (series)
Mafia III
Major League Baseball 2K (series)
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Metal Gear (series)
Midnight Club (series)
MLB (series)
MotorStorm (series)
MTV Sports: Skateboarding featuring Andy
MTV Sports: Snowboarding
MTV Sports: T.J Ultimate BMX
MTX Mototrax
MX Unleashed
NASCAR (series)
NCAA March Madness 2005
NFL Blitz Pro
NFL GameDay 2004
NBA 2K (series)
NBA Street (series)
Need For Speed (series)
NHL (series)
NHL 2K (series)
NHL Rivals 2004
Playboy: The Mansion
Pro Evolution Soccer (series)
Project Gotham Racing (series)
Race Driver (series)
Road Rash (series)
Rock and Roll Facing (16 BIT MUSIC)
Saints Row (series)
Scarface: The World is Yours
Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Video Game
Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder
Shaun White: Skateboarding
Shaun White: Snowboarding
Skate (series)
Sleeping Dogs
Street Sk8er
SSX (series)
Summer Heat Beach Volleyball
Surf Up
Test Drive (series)
The Bigs (series)
The Crew
The Fast and the Furious (series)
Thrillville: Off the Rails
Tony Hawk's (series)
Top Spin (series)
True Crime (series)
Twisted Metal (series)
Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray
Watch Dogs (series)
We Dare
WWE 2K (series)
WWE Smackdown! vs Raw (series)

Thanks a lot, greetings
FB RB Custom Songs for use in Phase Shift (Customs are not made by Me)

I'm from Spain and my english is very very bad, sorry
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Re: Songs in Videogames: Some help to make a huge list

Postby Usermans » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:22 am

Lumines soundtrack has alot of good stuff
Who even plays FoF anymore? LUL Xd


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Re: Songs in Videogames: Some help to make a huge list

Postby Rhuey » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:22 am

The Witcher 3 has a superb soundtrack if you're into the mix of epic and eastern european folklore music. It may sound weird, but it's great.

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