Frets on Fire 2 development toolkit for Unreal Engine 4

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Frets on Fire 2 development toolkit for Unreal Engine 4

Postby Loshirai » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:48 am

Hello. I have been thinking in the last months about an open sequel to Frets on Fire. Through open sequel, I mean that the game's source files could be downloaded by anyone, so they can create their own version of the game. They could even contribute improvements to the main project.

Why Unreal Engine 4 ? is a free game engine with awesome graphics, that has Blueprints, a visual scripting language that could be used by fans to develop the game. It allows the game to be developed without a programmer. Also, the latest version of the engine has a new audio engine that allows for:

-audio effects plugins- there could be effects like overdrive and chorus applied on guitar in realtime
-instruments plugins- this version of the engine contains a synth plugin, generating sounds. An audio sampler plugin could be developed, so we could add guitar, bass or drums sounds to the game.
-midi support- Unreal Engine 4 has a plugin that supports midi input for external instruments such as keyboards. Maybie we could make it to read midi files dirrectly.
All of these could allow you to import a midi or abc file, and like in Synthesia, you will be able to play the song from the files. Real time synthesis and sampling will allow for high quality instruments.

Graphics, Models and Animations

The toolkit could contain a basic set of stages, instruments, singers and animations. Using Fuse, MakeHuman or other character creator program, developers could technically create 3D models based on any musical figure they like. (with permission from the persons) Same for guitars or other props. (from the copyright owners)

How will the full songs be handled ? Each game created with the toolkit has a campaign. When you start the game, it tells you to put some mp3s in a folder with certain names, so the game would recognize them. The note charts are embedded into the game from the very beginning.

So, in other words, people could create Frets on Fire: Band 1, Frets on Fire: Imaginary Band 2 campaigns with this toolkit.

What do you think of this idea ?

Currently there are some Unreal Engine 4 Guitar Hero-like projects, but no toolkit. Here is an example:
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